Friday, April 4, 2008

HomeSmart acquires Dan Schwartz Realty

In an interesting turn of events which was made public this week (so let's talk about it), HomeSmart has acquired Dan Schwartz Realty. When the dust settles, this should make HomeSmart one of the largest brokerages in Arizona, with over 3,300 agents.


What will this mean for The Butterworth Group? Not too much, actually. We'll be forced to make a change at some point, but that's merely from a legal standpoint. It won't have an impact on our day-to-day operations. Here are some of the things we're currently considering:

No Immediate Change Required. HomeSmart is treating this acquisition more like a merger, with both brands running in parallel for the next year or so. This means that although the ownership has changed hands, the Dan Schwartz Realty license is still in good standing, and we'll have plenty of time to analyze our choices and make the best decision we can.

Similar Companies. The founder of HomeSmart once worked for Dan Schwartz Realty, and the companies share a similar philosophy and operational structure.

Size and Locations. There can be an advantages to having several thousand colleagues, and offices scattered around the city.

Other Options. As long as change (of some sort) will be required, we are taking this opportunity to explore the various options available to us.

People Matter Most. We're currently with Dan Schwartz Realty, not because of the commission splits, the office facilities, the training, or the support. In fact, we operate as an almost autonomous group. We're with this office because of one man – the owner and designated broker, Duane Fouts. Duane is someone whom I respect, trust, admire, and genuinely like. (and I think/hope the feelings are mutual!)

We may move our group over to HomeSmart, or we may move to a different brokerage entirely. I'm not sure exactly when we'll make the change – probably within the next couple of months – but I can guaranty 2 things:

1. The move to a new office, whichever office that might be, will NOT have a negative impact on our clients. If anything, hopefully we can use this opportunity to provide even MORE value.

2. We will end up at an office owned and operated by someone whom we respect, trust, admire, and genuinely like. You can count on that.

Your making the most out of change Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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