Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Effective use of technology

I've always had a problem with technology, and it's a different problem from most people. I'm technologically inclined, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and I can sometimes be a control freak. Take these three facts together, and it's easy to see why I don't use a lot of outside tech-help. I always think I can build something better than the one somebody is trying to sell me. That changed yesterday, at least in one regard.

Yesterday I hired a service to assist me with following up on all showing activity for my sellers. They check to see who has shown any of my listings. They email a follow-up questionnaire to the showing Realtor (I couldn't resist customizing the questions, though!). When the showing Realtor responds to my survey, the response is automatically sent to me AND to my sellers! And down the road, if we make any changes to the listing (maybe a price change?), I can notify all the Realtors who have shown the property with just a couple of mouse clicks.

This isn't a new service for my clients; I've been sending these same communications for a long time, and sometimes even more. The difference is that now the process is automated.

I was still a little nervous about the quality of the emails, and about any potential mistakes or omissions. But those fears were laid to rest yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday, the FIRST DAY of using this new service, I got to see the process work flawlessly. I did not log into the web to check my showing activity, as I wanted to see the program work. I did log into my new program's web site to check their activity, and it showed an email had been sent out for a recent showing. Then, late in the afternoon, both my sellers and I received the agent's response (I saw it on my phone)! That means I didn't have to lift a finger to get the desired information. Yea!

Your loving when technology works Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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