Sunday, March 30, 2008

Staging Your Entry

A good first impression is worth thousands of dollars in the home selling business. Most potential buyers will make up their mind about your house in the first 10 to 15 seconds. Maximize that microburst of time by completing the following:

  • Well trimmed lawn, or weed-free rockscape

  • Clutter-free look

  • Freshly painted door and trim

  • Sparkling clean windows and lighting fixtures

  • Brand new, cushy doormat

  • Dust-free entry

  • Consider adding a little color

A little color near the front entry draws the eye in from the street to the door. Where the eye goes, the buyer follows. Try potted flowering plants, painted shutters, or even raised flowerbeds or rockbeds. Of course, you must  consider your home's style when adding these accents. Shutters on a Santa Fe style adobe home look ridiculous, but they're perfect on the red brick homes built in the downtown areas in the 40's and 50's. With flowers and flowering plants, reds and yellows are beautiful for photographs, while any color works for in-person viewing. Ask your Realtor or a certified home stager for more advice here.

Don't skimp on the doormat. A good thick doormat makes folks pause for an instant or two. That instant allows the potential buyer to think about how much nicer your doormat is than theirs. Sounds silly, no? But you've already got the potential buyer thinking your doormat is a step up so they're likely to assume your house is really nice too. Never forget that home buyers may be shopping for 2000 square feet with 4 beds and 2 or 3 baths, but they're also shopping for a lifestyle makeover.

Finally, don't forget to dust your front door area. The Arizona climate kicks up a lot of dust (and pollen this time of year). Your front door is probably covered in a fine coat of dust which you probably don't even notice. After all, how many of us actually use our front door?  That's for company, we use the garage or carport entry for day to day. Well when your home is for sale, company's coming! Grab a microfiber cloth and give the door a quick once-over every couple of days. Wipe the dust from the windows, the door (especially if your door has raised panels or other detailing), and the threshold. Sweep the concrete at your entry while you're out there.

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