Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Should I have my New Construction Home inspected?

ABSOLUTELY! And probably more than once!

One of the nice things about buying a new home is that the builders will give you a one-year home warranty, where they'll come out & fix anything that isn't working properly. Most builders will even take care of you after the one-year mark has passed, in my experience.

But isn't it better to not have a problem in the first place? What if the root cause of a problem is hidden behind the walls? The only way to know about it would be to tear down your wall; otherwise you'll be treating the symptoms caused by this hidden problem the whole time you own your home.

I always recommend having your New Construction Home inspected. And I generally find it's money well spent to have it inspected multiple times during construction. After all, it's a lot easier & less expensive to fix a problem found during framing than it is to wait until the home starts to show symptoms from this problem later on.

Kelley Koehler wrote about this very same topic (Seventeen reasons to have new construction homes inspected), and posted some astonishing pictures along with it. This is a must read for anyone thinking about building a new home.

Your trust first then follow-up Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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