Sunday, March 2, 2008

Real Estate Agents Make Too Much Money!

house-shaped-50s.jpgI run into a lot of people who think (and many who even have the cajones to say to my face) that Realtors make too much money. So, from time to time I post a sample schedule from a typical day. I hope it helps generate traffic to my blog, of course. But I also hope that some folks might begin to be convinced that I earn my dineros. Want to see all the entries like this one? Scroll down and check out the Categories list on the right.

Mind you, this is a SUNDAY.

7:30 am Coffee, muffin & news browsing. Create a Craigs List ad for today's Open House.

8:30 am Gym, then shower, dress & makeup. Do a load of laundry inbetween it all.

9:30 am Take off for my office where I need to print another 300 color copies of my monthly newsletter. I mail it to 500 homes each month. Monthly cost of color copies - $175. Cost of bulk mailing each month - about $130. Purpose - advertise my homes for sale, inform the general buying public, create name recognition in the neighborhood so my listing are more likely to get traffic in future.

11:00 am Leave office and head back home for a private showing on a condo I'm holding open later.

12:00 pm Condo showing goes alright. Buyer doesn't like the condo, but likes me enough to give me his contact info and agree that it'd be OK for me to help him in his home search. He had a lot of questions about mortgages. Two of his buddies recently used AmeriDream and told him, "DUDE! You have to use AmeriDream! It rocks! No money down!" But his preferred mortgage broker said, "You can't use AmeriDream." After talking to Mr. Buyer for a little while, I learn he's got decent credit, has never owned a home before, and has some little savings in the bank. There's no good reason he can't use AmeriDream. I tell him it's unfortunately very likely that when his broker said "You can't use an AmeriDream loan" what they really meant was "We don't do AmeriDream loans."  Give Mr. Buyer my list of preferred lenders. Head's up Shailesh and Jeannie, Buyer coming at ya.

12:30 pm to 5:00 pm Set up signs and hold Open House from 1p to 4p. BTW, open houses do work when they're in combination with an aggressively low price and lots of internet advertising. This condo is priced at $159,000, is gorgeous, and the last sold comp is $215,000 from 3 months ago. Sure the market's dropping but not 26% in 3 months! I never had fewer than 3 buyers in the home at one time, and got 2 offers today, well above list price and far enough below the November 2007 comp that they'll appraise without trouble. Another above-list offer expected tomorrow morning. Call my happy, happy sellers and tell them the great news!

5:00 pm to 7:00 pm Finally done working (at least for a couple of hours ). Now I need to do some running around doing the errands that usually need to get done on the weekends.

cat on pc7:00 pm to 7:30 pm Create blog entry, with feline help.

7:30 pm to 9:00 pm Create a net sheet for each condo offer received today. Scan the offers and email to my client, along with an email outlining the pro's and con's of each offer. In today's market, it's important to evaluate each offer's likelihood of actually closing. It's not enough to tell sellers, "Take the highest offer."

9:00 pm to 11:00 pm Me time, finally. A good new book, my journal and a glass of wine. On clean sheets. I love clean sheet day!

I hope your day was as happy and fun as mine. Sincerely, I do. Everybody should love their job like I do. I'm a lucky girl. Until next time....