Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Household Quickie - Dust

spray-bottle-of-cleaner.jpgCourtesy of the Queen of Clean, Linda Cobb, here are some natural & effective ways to deal with Arizona's persistent dust/dirt.

To clean today's trendy dark dark wood furniture, use a damp cloth (use plain tap water and wring the cloth out until it's just damp) to wash it. Then immediately buff the furniture dry with a lint-free cloth such as chamois or bar towels.

Don't use retail furniture polish on your wood furniture - it usually contains silicone which is actually drying. Here in the deserty dry of metro Phoenix, our furniture suffers from dry air enough with us helping it along with silicone. Instead, use a mixture of:
**About 1 cup mineral oil
**About 2 teaspoons lemon extract
Mix these together and store in a well-labeled glass jar.

Used fabric softener sheets work exceptionally well for cleaning glass.