Friday, March 28, 2008

Desert friends around the house

Do we have crocodiles in Phoenix?


No, it's just a common lizard – about 6" long and found in all parts of the Valley of the Sun. I've seen them in the front and back yards (and sometimes inside) of every house I've ever lived in. This particular guy was sunning himself in my garage the other day.


The good news about these reptilian friends is that they have a voracious appetite for crickets, ants, and other bugs, which can help to keep your pest population in check. They're harmless to the touch (although I'd still wash my hands!), they don't bite, and they're awfully skittish around people anyway – they'd prefer to hide if you come close.

I did have a client once who was from the east coast and wasn't familiar with our common lizards. She was nervous about disclosing them on her Seller's Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS), and having any potential buyers run for the hills out of fear of her lizard infestation! She complained that even though her cat caught them regularly ("and dragged those disgusting things inside"), she couldn't seem to get rid of them! Once she learned what they really were, she wasn't quite as bothered by them.

Keep in mind that since lizards eat insects, there's less 'food' around the house, which makes it less likely to see scorpions (not-so-friendly), who'll be looking elsewhere for food.

Your happy to see a lizard outside Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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