Sunday, February 17, 2008

Selling Your Home is Like the Joining the Army

army-guys-in-line.jpgSometimes when your house is for sale, it seems like there's a lot of what what my Dad the Army Staff Sergeant calls "hurry up and wait, son!". He's a character, my Dad.

You've spent (hopefully) a lot of time and elbow grease getting the house ready to sell - fix up projects, tackling the Honey Do list, primping, staging, rearranging, pre-packing, painting and so forth. Then your agent lists the home in the MLS and ..... nothing happens. You're left to hurry up and wait.

It seems like you're just left hanging there, with no idea what's going on. Some days strangers (Realtors) have been in your house and (presumably) shown it to buyers who are (hopefully) anxious to buy it. But the only sign you have that someone was there at all is a little 2" business card on the kitchen counter, and a light switch or ceiling fan left on. Or off.  You're my-life-is-measured-out-in-coffee-spoons.jpgleft to measure out your life in coffee spoons, as T.S. Eliot famously wrote, and wonder just exactly what's going on. Does anybody like your house? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

The truth is there's a lot going on behind the scenes. If you've hired a professional Realtor, they're busy. Calling & emailing folks about your home, touting its features at sales meetings, arranging Realtor Tours to come through and give feedback, designing and ordering (or making) flyers and other print ads.

If you're not hearing from your Realtor as often as you'd like, call him or her and tell them you want more info. A good Realtor will ask you up-front how often you want updates and in what form. But we're all just human and sometimes that info slips past us.

Ask! Ask for updates, ask for info, ask for samples of the advertising your Realtor is doing on your behalf. A professional Realtor will provide it, happily. If s/he doesn't give this info or gives it grudgingly, you'll know you hired the wrong person. You need to start figuring out how to get out of your contract with that Realtor and find another.