Friday, February 22, 2008

Rain Gutters are useful – even in Phoenix

Here is a picture of my old house – the one we moved out of a couple years ago.

Regardless of size, style, number of garage bays, or area of town, this is a pretty typical design for most homes built in & around Phoenix over the last 20 years. The garage is on one side, the front room with a big window is on the other, and in between them is the walkway to the front door. (it's not always as long and narrow as my old house, but the point is still valid.)

Notice how anybody walking up to the front door is going to get drenched by 3 different parts of the roof!

Granted, it doesn't rain too often in Phoenix – a couple of times in December (right after I hang my Christmas lights), a few times in February and March, and some summer monsoons in July and August. However, since it doesn't rain very often, there's a lot more buildup of dust, dirt and debris in between rains. This all gets washed onto our front walks, driveways, and patios, in addition to any erosion along the sides of our homes.

Rain gutters can help to alleviate all these problems – they'll keep you and your guests dry(er) while helping to keep your property clean and well maintained. But if you plan ahead, they can do even more.

Use your rain gutters to direct water to strategic points in your yard, and then let your grading (along with some berms, bricks, rocks, or other natural tools) work to help water your plants and offset some of your sprinkler system – especially during the hot summer months. You can have healthier plants while conserving water!

Your getting into gutters Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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