Friday, February 15, 2008

Moving Stills 4 – Rio Vista Recreation Center

rio vista park in peoria az

Peoria did a great job with Rio Vista park. We've been going there to play (the kids both love it) since it was built, and we've watched as they've continued to add amenities. Someday we'll be able to ride our bikes the 4-5 miles of bike trails to get there, but in the meantime we make a 10 minute drive of it instead. Hey, if I didn't drive I couldn't share this Moving Still with you! ;-)

The state of the art Recreation Center at Rio Vista Park in Peoria. The park is located just north of Thunderbird and just west of Loop 101 (exit on Thunderbird). Pictured here on a cloudless Saturday winter morning.

Your enjoying playing photographer Realtor,

Chris Butterworth