Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mortgage Rates Report by Kristi Collins

Kristi Collins is one of my favorite loan officers. You can reach her by phone at 602-750-8594 or by email at

Coincidentally she's with Coldwell Banker Home Loans, my partner company. But I don't recommend her only because our companies are partners. I've used her loans and used other companies. CB Home Loans has one of the smallest, most no-nonsense loan document packages I've ever seen. They're a conservative lender too, and never got into the subprime market.

If they issue a buyer an LSR, they guarantee the loan will fund and close, even if that particular loan program is discontinued between contract date and closing date. In today's market this can be crucial. The lending world is still adjusting to a new credit climate. Loan programs disappear without notice. Buyers sometimes get to the closing table only to find their lender yanked their loan program out from under them.

CB Home Loans also guarantees an on-time close. If they're the cause of a late closing, they'll give the buyer a 1/4 point discount for the life of the loan.

Starting today, a regular Tuesday feature will be Kristi's report on the mortgage world and current rates.

cb-home-loans_cmyk-2.jpgToday's Rates:

5.847% - 30 year, conforming loan
5.098% - 5/1 ARM, conforming
6.500% - Jumbo 30 year
5.690% - Jumbo 5/1 ARM

"LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS." Slogan from World War II Not just clever words of good advice, this phrase was actually part of the US Office of War Information's attempt to limit the possibility of people inadvertently giving useful information to enemy spies. Now fast forward to present time, as Dallas Fed President Richard "Loose Lips" Fisher's careless comments last week worked to sink the Bond market, and caused home loan rates to rise about .125%.