Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This time it’s Meme

Heather Barr at the North Phoenix Agent Blog shared some interesting thoughts about herself, and tagged me to do the same.  I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself you probably don't already know, and then tag 7 others to share a little more about themselves.

So, here it goes. 7 things about me you probably don't already know...

  1. When I was 15 I quit my bus-boy job in favor of wearing the Sheriff's badge at Miller's Outpost.

  2. In college I was a surfer-kid, and one night I told a cute co-ed that I was from Los Angeles, thinking that would sound better than being from Phoenix. She was from LA, too, and asked where I went to high school. I called her raise, playing the game perfectly – "SaMo" (short for Santa Monica High School). Her reply: "Me too! I don't remember you there, though. I can't wait to get home and check out my yearbook!" Oops.

  3. I drank my first whiskey on a dare, and Jim Beam has been my drink of choice ever since.

  4. I HATE clutter and loose ends.

  5. I still own a pair of loafers from 1987 (but thankfully my wife hasn't let me wear them in years.)

  6. I've been to 13 states and 6 countries, but have friends from almost every state and around the world. I need to get away from home more often.

  7. I'm not a big fan of most prime-time TV. I'll watch sports, informational channels (history, discovery, tlc), and Sesame Street (and I'm waiting for the kids to grow out of that one!)

Now, I'm supposed to tag 7 others to share more of themselves with us. But I don't know too many bloggers personally, and most of those I've met &/or have emailed with have already been tagged. I'm going to tag a couple of friends and a few other people whom I admire as very good at what they do.

I'm tagging Chris Autrey (good friend and Realtor in OK), Travis Schnepp (colleague at Dan Schwartz Realty, and showing himself to be a proficient writer), Jonathon Dalton (local Realtor - a friend and competitor), Mark Cutler and Susan Serra (designers whom I read and learn from every day, and wish I could afford to hire!), and The Naib (whom I admire for his desire to make the world a better place).

Update:  I should add #8, that I'm not very good at counting to 7, since I left someone off the list!  I'm also tagging Steven Groves (Agent2.0 consultant and good brainstomer).

Your glad to get that off his chest Realtor,

Chris Butterworth