Monday, January 7, 2008

Simplify with portable tools

This is either an idea of pure genius, or that of an idiot – and most likely a little bit of both! This weekend I spent about $30 on some tool accessories, which will make doing household honey-do type chores so much easier.

I've never been much of a handy-man, but over time I've gotten reasonably adequate at fixing things and tinkering around the house. A few years ago I put some effort into making a workshop area in my garage; a great way to stay organized and to have a place for every tool. And over time I've acquired a fair amount of tools.

However, since I'm not a contractor / handy-man / 'go into my workshop to build a table' kind of guy, this hasn't been very helpful. In fact, 90% of the time I use my tools for projects in different parts of the house – hanging a valance (or a mirror), assembling kids' furniture or toys, removing training wheels from a bike, installing a dimmer switch, fixing a leaky faucet – none of these projects is ever done in
my workshop. So I generally have to guess at which tools I'll need, and then carry them to the project-site (and then go get a different size wrench, and then realize I really needed metric). It's a pain in the butt.

This weekend I bought a large tool box (WalMart, $10), and a couple of color-coded rails to hold socket wrench pieces (Auto Zone, $10 each), and I assembled my most-frequently-used tools: socket wrenches, combination wrenches, cordless screwdriver, channel locks, wire cutters, screws and anchors, electrical tape, teflon tape, bailing wire, and a kit with a few dozen driver bits. No, this won't be enough to cover every job, but it's a lot easier to grab that one missing tool (drill, dremmel, hammer, etc.) than it is to grab all the tools every time!


What did I learn from all this, other than I've been an inefficient idiot for the last few years...?! Play to your strengths, and simplify whenever you can. Honey-do 2008 – bring it on! Me and my big toolbox will be ready. ;-)

Your feeling smart and dumb at the same time Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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