Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Show-Ready condition makes a HUGE difference

I've been out looking at homes with clients, as far east as Scottsdale, and as far west as Surprise. I've probably seen over 50 homes in the last week and a half, and we looked at pictures of dozens more online. At least 50% of them were not in show-ready condition. Buyers will say it doesn't matter – that they can see through the clutter and they really just want to see the layout of the home. But their comments reveal otherwise.

In a show-ready home with Formica countertops, I'll hear something like: "We'll have to change out the countertops at some point, but it's not an immediate fix. The house is move-in ready, and we can fix it up over time, after we're moved in."

In the same model, but cluttered and in disarray, I'll hear the same buyers talk as they walk: "needs more than just cleaning – we'll have to paint throughout, and I'm not sure if the carpets can be cleaned or if we'll need new carpets, and those countertops will have to go – pronto. And these bedrooms seem smaller than the other house – are you sure this is the same model?" And on and on.

Sellers, you are costing yourselves tens of thousands of dollars, in time and money, by not having your home looking its best. These strangers who come through your home, called Buyers, are very picky. They'll notice every imperfection. They'll talk themselves into the "pretty" home and out of the "ugly" home. At least until the price difference becomes large enough to change their mind.


Note: These are NOT pictures from the actual homes we saw last week, but they illustrate the question "Which home would you rather buy?"

Your re-fueling his car Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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