Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Red-Light cameras go active tomorrow

Drivers in Peoria and Surprise beware. The City of Peoria put up a couple of new cameras over the holidays to catch red-light runners, and they've been testing them during January. During the first 3 weeks of January, almost 2,300 vehicles were caught entering the intersections too late.

So far they've been getting warnings in the mail, but starting February 1st they'll be receiving a $214 fine.

The cameras are located at the intersections of:

83rd Ave & Union Hills – a congested area where frustrated people get tired of waiting and push into a grid-locked intersection, only to get stuck and further compound the problems.

91st Ave & Bell – a fast moving area in the gap between the Loop 101 and Surprise. (one red-light runner was already clocked going 83 miles per hour.)

I'm always a little reluctant to support "big brother"-type actions, but I'm even more reluctant to support people whose reckless driving not only endangers others, but the accidents they cause then make traffic even worse. And if I'm one of those idiots once in awhile (as are most Realtors who try to drive while talking on the phone, reading a map, and eating lunch!), then I'll deserve my fine..

Your smiling for the camera Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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