Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've Been MeMe'd

Thanks to my friend Shailesh over at The Arizona Mortgage Guru, I've been MeMe'd. I'm such a tech geek I had to go look up meme in Wikipedia.  Here are the rules: (1) list 7 things about yourself, (2) tag 7 people to do the meme on themselves including a link to their site.

1. I used to play with finger puppets and tell stories to children for a living.
2. I can only do math in my head when it's money.
3. I only go to the gym regularly when I've met a new, interesting man (yes, I'm unmarried!)
4. I have 3 cats - which scares off any interesting men I meet in item #3 ;-)
5. I once worked at a job that required me to help a young man find an escort service that accepted personal checks.
6. I nearly died from asthma attacks 3 times before my 1st birthday.
7. The new singer of the old band INXS asked me to dinner soon after he 'won' the band on reality TV.

I'm tagging:
Jay Thompson, Doug Ingersoll, Steve Belt, John Wake, The House Chick Kelly Koehler, Chris Butterworth and Kris Berg.  To the last 3 folks, whom I don't know, please forgive my presumption at tagging you unknown! I read your blogs daily and feel like I know you.