Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We’re saving energy – right on schedule

Last month I challenged us all to use 10% less energy, and then I outlined my family's plan for achieving this goal. Yesterday our APS bill came in the mail, and I'm optimistic our plan is working.

Good news is that our usage is down by 9%, and we didn't implement our plan until the middle of the month! (I'm measuring usage in Kilowatt Hours per Day, and comparing to the same time period last year.)

Bad news is that it's really hard to compare with only one month's data, especially since our A/C unit is the biggest driver of our energy usage, and that's very dependent on what the weather is like. We had perfect weather this month – I don't think we ran our A/C or the heater at all.

In addition, we actually went backwards in our attempt to shift usage from peak to off-peak, but this is explainable. We started practicing restricting our usage between Noon and 7:00pm, but APS did not adjust our meter until the end of the month. So by using electricity in the morning and evening, we were driving our peak usage up. I expect this to get better next month, now that we're officially on the new plan.

Your one step in the right direction Realtor,

Chris Butterworth