Friday, December 21, 2007

Ode to the Lockbox

It's funny to see how much conversation we can have around something as simple as the location of a lockbox. Steve mentioned a couple of times last month how frustrating it can be when you're trying to show a home to your clients and you can't find the lockbox anywhere! (and the whole time we're still assuming the sellers want to sell their house!)

The agent-trainer in my office sent me a poem that someone had sent him years ago – I guess this is a problem that's been around, yet nobody thinks is very serious..

Sellers – please ask your Realtor to place the lockbox in an easy to find location – preferably on the front door! Or at the very least, have them tell us where it is in the MLS "Realtor Remarks" section.

Realtors – I think you'll enjoy this..

Ode to the Lockbox

I did not find you on the door. I did not find you on the floor.

I did not find you on the fence. I did not find you in the trench.

Or anywhere that makes some sense.

I did not find you in a tree. I did not find you on my knee.

Or even crawling through debris.

Not on the drain while in the rain, with water pouring on my brain.

I've ruined shoes, snagged hose on bushes. And suffered bruises on my tushes.

I've straddled holes, reached up on poles, and even met some ugly moles.

I'd like to show this lovely house, but in the search I've ripped my blouse.

And now I find I've scraped my nose.

Why do we hide these? No one knows.

You make us search and hunt you down. Impatient clients stand and frown.

We'd like to end this dreadful chore.

Just put it on the DAMN FRONT DOOR!

Your didn't know Dr. Seuss was a Realtor Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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