Monday, December 24, 2007

MythBusters - Nobody Buys Houses At Christmas

candy-canes.jpgReal estate is filled with pithy sayings, old legends, and rules of thumb. I'm sure most professions are the same. One of the old sayings in real estate is that "nobody buys a house during the holidays!"

BTW, I hope I didn't upset any non-Christians with my title. It's getting so hard these days not to upset somebody or another. It's just that "At Christmas" fits better visually in my title bar than "During The Holidays".  Nothing more.

So, is it true that nobody buys or sells real estate during the holidays? I hope some of my readers -- espeically those who read but don't comment regularly -- will help me refute this "truth".

I'll start: today, Christmas Eve, I'm inking 2 deals. They're smallish, so I'm not bragging here. Just trying to say that we should all take myths about real estate with a grain of salt.

Everybody else? Tell your story of buying or selling a home during the holidays.