Thursday, December 6, 2007

Household Quickie - Stinky Food, Stinky Hands

spray-bottle-of-cleaner.jpgNo, this is not what most of you think of when I say the word "quickie." ;-)  This is a quick household tip, and I hope a recurring series of entries into the future.



fishDid you ever notice that your hands smell for hours (or even days!) after chopping onions and garlic, or handling smelly foods like fish or kimchi? Here's a household quickie that gets those odors off your fingers. To remove food odors from your hands after handling smelly foods like onions, garlic or fish, simply rub your hands around the stainless steel neck of your kitchen sink faucet. Voila! Odors gone. (I suppose this would work on the trendy new stainless steel appliances, too, but since I don't have 'em I don't know.)

I don't know why it works, but it does. Try it. Really. It's one of those things I expect that Saint Peter will explain when I die and arrive at the Pearly Gates. I'm also expecting him to explain where I lost my skate key in 3rd grade, and where all my missing sunglasses went to. Actually, I expect old Peter will hand me a cardboard box full of the stuff I've lost here on Earth (including the mate to all those single socks that emerge from the clothes dryer), but that's a whole other entry, now isn't it?

Eat smelly foods!