Sunday, December 30, 2007

Daisy Mountain Fire District Residents Get A 44% Increase This Holiday Season

But this increase might not be the kind you would want. The Daisy Mountain Fire District board has approved a 44% increase in the tax assessment this year to help buy equipment that is either old or leased. They defend their decision stating that it is saving the tax payers in the long run with a 5% discount for purchasing up front, and some $750,000 in future interest payments.

Not everybody agrees, however. Some residents believe that it's unfair for the current residents to have to foot 100% of the bill for equipment that future residents will benefit from without being involved in this year's increased assessment. And those that move out of the area within the next few years will have paid for something that they will no longer be benefiting from.

The assessment of the fire district is just one piece to the property tax puzzle. In a later post I will attempt to explain just what your property taxes are based on and what it is that you are paying for. It's one of the more confusing aspects of homeownership in Arizona. I'll try and make it a little more clear.

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-Steve Nicks

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