Friday, November 30, 2007

Thoughts and reflections on one full year of blogging

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Birthdays are one of the natural times for reflection, and yes, I spent a little time this week in reflection mode. Here are a few thoughts about what we've done over the last year..

What have we enjoyed the most about blogging? The entire experience has been great fun, and educational beyond explanation. We've met so many terrific people – it seems like bloggers in general are a very helpful, social, upbeat, and selfless group of people. We've become avid readers, and have learned more about more topics than I would have thought possible one year ago. It has also helped us refine our writing and communication skills, although you may have to read posts from last year to see the improvement! ;-)

Why do we blog? Our reason for blogging today is the same as the day we started (here's our Blog Mission Statement). Except I would add that today I really enjoy it, and can't imagine not doing it.

Do we make money from our blog? The short answer is yes. We have met clients, and closed transactions, because of our blog. The longer answer is that if you calculate our hourly rate based on the time and effort involved... let's just say we would get a raise by going to work at WalMart!

Thank you: I want to take a minute to say thanks to everyone who has participated in our blog, either by reading, commenting, or sharing advice, encouragement, ideas, and stories. In particular, I want to pay special thanks to:

Chris Autrey (whom I bother, I mean talk to, more now 1,000 miles away than I did when we worked in the same building!) Here's Chris's blog.

The current and former members of The Butterworth Group, without whom I wouldn't have been able to build what we have today: Ryan, Jason, Katie, Heidi, and especially Steve, for fighting through writer's blocks with me and constantly challenging me to find new heights.

Now if we can just get the market to be as enjoyable as blogging...

- Chris Butterworth