Friday, November 30, 2007

It’s Raining. In Phoenix?

It was cloudy this morning, and there was a buzz in the air.. They forecasted rain today, and it looked like they might be right!

Rain in Phoenix – what does it mean?

  1. Enjoy it, because it won't last! Sit out on your patio, go for a walk, or curl up with a good book – you might have to wait several months to see it again.

  2. This will be the lead story on every news channel, and in every social greeting, for the next two days.

  3. We get to see what all those "green belts" are really built for – drainage! It's amazing to see how quickly the rain runs off the streets in the newer neighborhoods, compared with how the older neighborhoods tend to get flooded roads.

  4. I had to run out & pick up the back yard so things won't get ruined! Wood chairs & tables, battery operated toys, sports equipment... Yeah, we should pickup every day, but we get a little spoiled around here!

More pictures to enjoy ;-)


Your getting a little wet & lovin' it Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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