Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Energy Use of Household Appliances

We've been putting our energy-savings plan into action over the last couple of weeks. We accepted the challenge to try and conserve energy, and then we outlined a specific plan of attack designed around getting the most bang for the buck.

It took a little bit of effort to figure out where our savings could come from, so I thought I'd take a minute to share what I learned. Here's a list of the household appliances we decided to focus on (click here or click here for a more detailed list):

Area of FocusWattskWh / Hr
A/C Units (per unit)4,0004.00
A/C Unit (portable)1,0501.05
Ceiling fan (each)600.06
Clothes Dryer5,0005.00
Clothes Washer5000.50
Computer Equipment (each)1500.15
Water Heater4,0004.00
Fan (portable)1150.12
Light bulb (60w) (each)600.06
Light bulb (100w) (each)1000.10

To calculate the actual usage of each item, divide the Wattage by 1,000 to get the kWh/Hr, and then multiply it by the number of hours that item runs.

Keep in mind that the number of hours an item is used will have a great impact on the overall figures; the Clothes Dryer looks like a big ticket item, but we don't use it more than a few hours in a week. While the ceiling fans look like small items, but turning off 4 of them for 12 hours at a time will add up to saving 2.88 kWh per day!

I'm not certain about the Range – does this refer to the oven or the stove, or both? I couldn't find a more specific break-down.  Obviously, any cooking that can be shifted to the barbeque or the toaster oven will have an immediate impact..

Your feeling a little greener Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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