Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treating – Be Smart out there

My dad's advice to us was always the same – "Be smart out there" was all he would have to say, and it covered just about any situation and any age group. From slumber parties and summer camps, to prom and spring break, his four little words represented a huge list of things we weren't supposed to do, and it made us think about our own personal responsibility.

Today I started to write a list of important safety tips, but then I realized that it's all just common sense. You could google terms like "Halloween safety tips" and click through the 6,840,000 results that show up. Or you could remind your kids to Be Smart out there tonight.

Don't do something that would usually be wrong just because it's a holiday. Don't get sucked into peer pressure you normally would avoid. Don't put yourself in dangerous situations. Treat other kids (and animals) with respect. Be smart out there. Oh yeah, and have a lot of fun!

Happy Halloween everyone!

- Chris Butterworth

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