Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lake Pleasant Towne Center opens Saturday

This is more big, yet confusing, news for the City of Peoria. It's big news because it's yet another major development in the northern part of the city (NW corner of Happy Valley and Lake Pleasant) which will support & be supported by the significant amount of residential development, lots of which is high-end housing, in the area. It will also generate more tax revenue for the city.

It's confusing on a couple of counts. 1.) When, and why, did everyone decide the word town needed an extra "e" on the end? 2.) Why are there so many new Town(e) centers opening within City boundaries? What town are they trying to be? And 3.) The term "opening" is a pretty loose term, since the Home Depot in that center opened this spring, and Kohls wasn't far behind.. Was the Center not open but those stores never got the memo?

Either way, this intersection is destined to be a major hub, with Lake Pleasant Pavilion already open, and Lake Pleasant Crossing and Mountainside Crossing to open before too long.

Here's an article with more details from

I'll probably see you there at some point if we're both in towne at the same time..

- Chris Butterworth

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