Monday, October 29, 2007

Help please - what to do about sploggers?!

This is a call to help from some of the more established bloggers who read my site from time to time..

I've seen some of you write about 'sploggers' before (Jay, Jonathon, Shailesh come to mind..), but mostly it's a general dislike of the practice.  Does anyone have any advice for how to fight/counter this?  Maybe some step-by-step instructions?  Or even better, how to stop it from happening?

My most recent occurance appeared on wwwww.totdreamyDOTcom, where they pilfered my post about a new Harkin's theater opening in Peoria word for word.  Except they gave credit to "PeoriaIllinoisan wrote an interesting post today on..."  Funny that an Illinois paper thought to write about a new movie theater on the Loop 101..!  They were nice enough to have the link point back to my site, except they butchered the post slug, so the article doesn't render.

This seems to happen almost weekly, maybe more.  Any ideas?


Chris Butterworth

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