Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California Fires and an offer to help a displaced friend

The raging fires in California are all over the news, and just like many other events on the news, they're hard to watch. With almost a half million homes having been evacuated, odds are most of us know somebody who is dealing with this disaster first-hand.

I have lots of family scattered through Orange County and Los Angeles, and so far I don't think any of them have been affected. But we have one dear friend in San Diego who left her home this week, and judging by this morning's news it didn't look good that she'll get to see it again.

Tracey, I highly doubt that reading my blog is at the top of your priorities right now. But if you see this, and you want to spend some time in Phoenix while things get sorted out, you know you have a place to stay...

- Chris & Cheryl Butterworth

ps: The good news is that there have only been a few reported deaths due to the fires. I find that an amazing number, but I am happy to see it so low. Yes, countless memories have been lost. Yes, damage is already estimated at over $1 billion. Yes, many of these families will spend years dealing with the aftermath. But at least they're alive to do it! It could have been much worse..