Wednesday, October 24, 2007

7 Easiest Houseplants

Why is it that some homes have a lush, tranquil feel, with lots of plants around to help us feel at ease, while other homes have lots of clay pots around – the tell-tale sign of plants who didn't make it? Maybe it's the terrific green thumb gardening skill of the homeowner. Or maybe it all boils down to selecting the right plants...

Marie Iannotti wrote an article today for titled "Houseplants you can't kill." The title caught my eye, and I thought she did a great job describing the plants & their minimal requirements. Unfortunately, I couldn't get her picture viewer to work, so I took the liberty of tracking down my own photos.

If you're looking to bring a little life and color into your home, and you think a green plant is the way to go, one of these would make a great place to start.

1. Cast-iron plant
2. Christmas Cactus
3. Dragon Tree
4. Lucky Bamboo
5. Mother-in-law's tongue (also called Snake Plant and Bird's Nest Plant)
6. Pothos
7. Spider Plant

Oddly enough, not one silk plant made Marie's list...

- Chris Butterworth

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