Thursday, October 11, 2007

10-Day Inspection Period covers more than just the home

When you enter into a contract to buy a home here in Arizona, the default language in the Residential Purchase Contract gives you 10 days to "conduct, at buyers expense, all desired physical, environmental, and other types of inspections and investigations ... and consult government agencies, lenders, insurance agents, architects, and other appropriate persons and entities concerning ... the premises and the surrounding area ..." That allows for a HUGE amount of inspection!

In plain English – you're allowed to hire as many inspectors as you'd like, talk to anyone you'd like (neighbors, community leaders, law makers and law enforcement, school faculty, etc.), and get a better feel for the house and the neighborhood.

Check out the neighborhood during rush hour, or on a Saturday night – does it look & sound like a place you'd like to live?

Check out the community park – is this where you want your kids to play?


This part of the contract is considered "use it or lose it." I highly recommend doing ALL your due diligence during this inspection period; you'll either find out it's not the right house for you (while it's still easy to cancel the contract), or you'll confirm your initial feelings about the home – the home you loved so much you wanted to buy it!

- Chris Butterworth

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