Thursday, September 27, 2007

Peoria recycling program begins this week


The City of Peoria began distributing recycle bins to homeowners this week. The process will take the better part of the next month, starting in South Peoria and moving north of Bell Rd in mid-October. Each house will get a new cocoa-colored bin, along with a packet of information including the pickup dates and instructions for what can and cannot be recycled. Collection will start in each neighborhood the week after the bins are delivered. Check out the city's website at for more information.

Good news is we're finally catching up with the rest of planet in terms of doing something right for the environment. Bad news is we'll now only have one pickup per week for our regular, stinky trash. Oh well – get over it. From what I've seen in other cities, the program isn't perfect, but it does work. While each individual or family could do more to recycle, the masses generally wouldn't do as much, so the city is going to force everyone to do some recycling. I compare this with the potential energy savings of buying new cars – one person cannot have much of an impact no matter what car he buys, but if everyone bought a car with 10% better gas mileage there would be a significant impact on our overall energy consumption.

- Chris Butterworth

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