Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My New Favorite Television Show - "Holmes On Homes"

I think it's official, I've been sucked in by the latest craze of home improvement telelvision.  It took me a while to finally get hooked, beacuse so many of the shows, "While You Were Out", "Trading Spaces", "House Hunters", "Flip That House", "Flip This House", I could go on and on, just didn't interest me at all.  And "House Hunters" was almost painful to watch.  Watching some goof-ball agent walk through a house pointing out to his/her clients that "this is the kitchen" and "this is the bathroom".  I end up agrily changing the channel saying to myself "yeah, I think they can figure out that that's the kitchen and that's the bathroom".  I thought it made our profession look so much more unecessary than the public already believes.  It did nothing to highlight or to help the public understand what it is that we do for our clients.  Sure, finding the home is probably the easiest part of the job, but when that's all the public sees on these types of shows, that's all they think we do.  And then you've got the house flipping shows, with some overly arrogant character that truly believes that everything he touches turns to gold and is shown throughout the show yelling at various contractors and employees.

Over the past couple of weeks, however, I can't seem to get enough of a show on HG TV called "Holmes on Homes".  The show is hosted by a contractor extraordinaire by the name of Mike Holmes.  The whole premis of the show is that he takes over a remodel or addition project that has been turned into a complete mess by another contractor that was hired by the home owner.  Most of these homeowners are in a real bad spot as most of the time they've already paid the original contractor a good protion of what the original bid was and now the contractor is out of business, or in most cases taken the money and run.  Every show begins with Mike taking a tour of the home and pointing out all of the obvious errors that the previous contractor made and then he takes over and makes everything right. 

Mike Holmes appears to be a very passionate person about his profession.  He is truly is upset at what others in his industry are putting these homeowners through and how unsafe many of them have left each home.  In the end he returns the home to the homeowner and explains to them how bad the project was and what exactly he had to do (most of the time quite major, such as jacking up the house, or reinforcing the foundation that was compromised by the previous contractor) and how much better of a home they now have.

I told my wife last week that I wanted to do some remodeling of our home and I wanted to call Mike Holmes to do the work.  Now that's not going to happen, Mike is located in Ontario, Canada, but he just makes it look so easy.  He is truly a talented individual.

Check out the show, I'm sure that you get hooked as I have already.  I'll be setting up the DVR to make sure that I catch every new episode.  Now I just need to find the time to watch them. :)

-Steve Nicks

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