Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Here we go again – the dreaded “feedback request”

I'm driving in my car this morning, catching up on some phone calls, when my phone rings – the kind of ring I have set up for phone numbers which aren't in my database. Yea! This is generally a good thing – it could be a new client, a person interested in one of our listings, a neighbor with a question – probably somebody I've never spoken with before.

I answer the phone, and almost immediately get a horrible feeling – "uh oh, I showed houses to buyers yesterday. Here come the dreaded 'feedback requests'. "

We've written about this before (Showing Feedback Requests). I don't have any problem with your asking me for feedback. Heck, I have listings too, and use feedback from other realtors as an important tool to address things the public perceives might be wrong with our home. However, I have a huge complaint with the way most agents do this. (I won't waste time re-hashing what we wrote in the link above.) But this one was the worst I've had so far.

The agent asked me if my clients liked her listing. I couldn't immediately place her listing from among the dozen or so we looked at, but as she described it to me I was able to recall the house. And my clients actually did like the home. I told the agent what we liked about it, and a couple of things that could probably be cleaned to make the home show even better. I told her that my clients were a few months away from being ready to move, and were really just testing the water at this point.

She brushed that aside – either she wasn't listening or she assumed I was lying – and proceeded to wheel & deal with me to get her house sold. "We'll knock another $5,000 off the price if your buyers make us an offer", etc.

Sheesh! Come on, people. If you really want feedback, PLEASE just send me an email. Otherwise I'll start to consider not answering
my phone! ;-)

- Chris Butterworth

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