Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hat’s off to the Beauty of a Bonzer!

Saturday night Cheryl and I had the great pleasure of attending this year's Beauty of a Bonzer – a concert party for charity. We joined good friends, met new friends, ate a ton of good food, and watched two classic bands perform on stage – and it was all put on to benefit others. Couldn't ask for much more on a Saturday night!

This is the 7th year of the event, and each year has gotten bigger than before. Last year they raised over $500,000 dollars (in one night!) The totals for this year's event haven't been posted yet, but we saw over $100,000 raised in about 12 minutes of live auctions. (it didn't take long before our modest bids on a couple of items seemed insignificant...)

All funds will be split among 5 local charities.


This was a terrific event – charity done right. I highly recommend everyone try to attend next year!

- Chris Butterworth

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