Monday, September 17, 2007

Fix Up Your New Place

Buying a Fixer Upper? There are many ways to make a new home livable while you are saving for that new living room furniture you want. Below are some quick tips to get your new home into tip top shape without spending a lot of money!

Make Each Room Your Own.
You've done it! You own your first piece of property. Make a list. Take each room and place a photo, plant, paperweight or personal item that reflects you and your individuality. Your home should show off your unique personality.

True Colors.
Any new room can be made comfy with a new coat of paint. Choose warm colors for rooms you will be relaxing in, and cool colors for offices and bathrooms. Six Points Hardware is a super place to get paint from a local source. 10009 N 19th Ave, Phoenix 85021.

Pay Attention to Light.
Does your new home have a great window that lets in beautiful light? Or maybe you have a sliding glass door that gives you a great view. Be sure to keep these spaces open and unblocked.

Go inexpensive with some pretty, simple curtains. Use white to match with everything, or pick a color that you know would brighten up the room.

While moving in to your new house, make sure to take charge and throw away useless items that you will not use. You are starting over! Folks who are less fortunate can put your castaways to good use. Try Saint Vincent De Paul or Goodwill. Or pick a niche charity that appeals to you. Try Arizona Community Foundation, Arizona Women's Education & Employment, or the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix

Plants and Flowers
Use your interior decorating eye and find the perfect places for some potted plants and flowers. Instead throwing out withering flowers, hang them upside down and dry them for a great wall piece. Moon Valley Nursery is a local favorite with several locations. They'll help you pick the right plants for your space & lifestyle, and teach you how to care for them. Go Local!

Go Flea Marketing.
Spend a Sunday shopping at a local flea market for a unique piece for the new room in your home that is your favorite. Treat yourself and you just might come across a valuable piece! There's a huge, awesome indoor swap meet at about Bethany Home road and the I-17. For swap meets in other parts of Arizona, try this site.

Rugs and Carpets.
Find a nice simple rug to save your carpet. A vibrant rug can add a splash of color to any room.

The Great Frame Up.
Fill a wall with photos of you, your pets, your friends and family. With today's digital cameras and high-quality color printers, developing is a snap. Try Dollar Tree stores (or your local deep discounter) for cheap frames. Choose an odd number of frames and lay them out on the floor to get the arrangement right before you start nailing holes in your walls.

Chair Makeovers
Give your favorite oversized chair a makeover and buy a plain colored chair cover. These work great and make it look like you bought a new piece of furniture! Anna's Linens or Bed, Bath & Beyond often carry great chair covers.