Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Featured Local Vendor - Dream Dinners

frsustrated-biz-woman.jpgWondering what to make for dinner? Ever wished you could hire a cook?  Visit Dream Dinners instead.

Dream Dinners is part of a new wave in the culinary world – meal preparation franchises. They do the time consuming prep work and you breeze in & out of their kitchen with a fresh, healthy meal ready to go in mere minutes.

The North Phoenix shop is located at 822 E Union Hills, Phoenix 85022. There are franchise locations in 34 states, with 9 shops in the Valley.

I’ve tried and tried to write a beautifully written, well-crafted post explaining Dream Dinners. I’ve been at it for a half-hour. It’s impossible to explain what they do in well written prose. They've posted a nifty video on their site that explains it all.

I went to the website and signed up for their introductory package for $49. It includes 6 servings each of 3 different main dishes (Herbed Dijon Chicken Breasts, Parmesan Crusted Tilapia with Tomato-Garlic Aioli, and Tuscan Turkey Medallions). That’s 18 meals for $49 – a good value in my thrify book. Toss together a salad at home and you’ve got a balanced meal.

I visited their shop at 7th St & Union Hills, cooler in hand to tote home all my delicious meals. Sign in, tie on an apron, and grab a couple of gallon sized zip-top baggies. They've provided recipes, exact measurements of ingredients directions for putting it all together and even cooking instructions for once you get it all home.

Start at one end of the gleaming stainless steel kitchen counters where all the ingredients you need are set out: frozen meats, marinades, spices, toppings, garnishes. Place 3 chicken breasts in one baggie, add the herbs & Dijon marinade. Then fill another baggie with the bread crumb topping. Repeat w/ another baggie & another set of 3 chicken breasts.

Boom, you’ve got 6 servings of Herbed Dijon Chicken Breasts.  Pop ‘em in the freezer at home, defrost 1 baggie at a time, pop in the oven and you’ve got 3 main dishes in less time than it takes to wait on a pizza delivery.

Visit their website for more information. (They’re probably more eloquent than I am anyway.)