Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Favorite Local Vendor: Homestead Kennels

Many, many thanks to my neighbor for suggesting tonight's entry. I was experiencing a severe case of AHSS (Attitudinal Holiday Spillover Syndrome) and hadn't come up with a bleedin' thing to post.

Doggies Face CloseupHomestead Kennels is a local favorite among the doggie set! They offer all the things Valley dog lovers have come to expect from a doggie daycare: top notch food & water, outdoor dog runs, playtime & a loving environment.  But family-owned Homestead is a bark above the rest, offering extras like

  • Grooming Services

  • Obedience Classes

  • Photos of your Beloved Canine Enjoying Playtime

  • Luxury Suites

  • Sibling Boarding Rates

  • and a complimentary bath for every Fido & Fidette on the way back home to Mama & Papa

Their website's a little Web 1.0, but give them a call. Man's Best Friend will thank you. Located at 3730 East Edna Avenue, Phx 85032. Phone 602-992-2205.

Legal Disclaimers and Mumbo Jumbo: I do not have any connection w/ Homestead, nor am I even a dog owner. I'm waiting for someone to introduce the Valley to Kitty Day Care. Meow!