Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The First LEED-Certified Residential Remodel

I read an article yesterday about a residential remodel project that was going to earn the distinction of the first ever LEED-Certified residential remodel in Phoenix.  Chris Butterworth had written about a LEED-Certified commercial building in Chandler months back, as most LEED Certification so far has been focused on commercial projects and new residential construction (Click Here to read his post). 

Phillip Beere, a recent graduate of ASU's masters program in real estate development is planning on having his remodel located in the area of 32nd St. & Camelback completed towards the end of September.  From the brief description in the article it sounds like it will be a very nicely done remodel.  I'm very curious to see the finished product.  Hopefully he decides to put the house on the market so that I can have the opportunity to get in and take a look around.

Click Here to read the full article.

-Steve Nicks