Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Did your Ficus Trees survive? a follow-up to my earlier question.

There seemed to be a lot of interest and conversation last spring about all the brown Ficus trees around the valley. Were they dead? Were they going to come back to life? How should we care for them? I wrote about this back in April: Did your Ficus Trees survive?

Here's the results from around my house. It looks like they're surviving, although some are doing better than others (and one is on life support!) Keep in mind that back in April all of these looked exactly the same and received the same care:

My next door neighbor's tree has re-grown completely – almost as good as new. This is the best success story I've seen.


My neighbor's across the street – the top half didn't make it, but there's some new growth off the trunk.


My first tree – it started to come back, then the heat from the summer burned it all out. Now it's re-growing completely from below the ground!


My second tree – it had lots of growth in May, but by the end of July was completely dead. Now I'm seeing a couple of new leaves sprouting from the trunk just this week, so maybe there's hope afterall..


I think I'm going to cut both of mine back to the trunk at the highest point of their current re-growth, and see what happens next year. If they don't fill out by next summer, I'm going to have to pull them out & replace them.

How have your Ficus Trees fared?

- Chris Butterworth

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