Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ButterHomes blog welcomes North Of Beardsley Readers!

There is going to be a slight change to this blog over the next couple of days, mostly undetectable except to those of you who subscribe to this site using a feedreader.

I have been writing two separate blogs for the last few months, and have decided to combine them, which will effectively make this blog better. I'm in the process of preparing the other blog for its exodus (and paring down the number of posts which will transfer), but when I do hit the "send" button, there will be upwards of 40 new posts that hit this blog simultaneously. Those of you who read via a feedreader are going to notice it immediately – lots of new material scattered all over the date-range map. This is your fair warning to go ahead & hit the "mark all as read" button (unless you're having trouble sleeping and want to read all the new material..)

Why the change, you ask?

I had a vision for a neighborhood web site (my neighborhood, probably not yours!) which would be THE PLACE for all my neighbors to get their information – events from schools, churches, HOAs, local businesses, private groups.. everything. So I began writing about things which pertain more to my neighborhood than to the community-at-large, and a new blog was born.

Fortunately, I've had an overwhelmingly positive response – my neighbors have enjoyed my material. Unfortunately, they haven't participated enough to make the web site work. This has been forcing me to struggle with it... what to do about it, where to write, what material goes where... etc. I've been feeling lately like I'm doing twice as much work while getting half the results.

My solution is to pull the plug on the community portion of the web site, but to continue to provide information my neighbors will find useful. And since this information will dove-tail very nicely with the rest of what we write on this site, I've chosen to merge the two together. I think the change is going to benefit readers of both blogs, but please let me know if I'm wrong – if you're not happy with the quality of my content or you feel that my direction has changed for the worse, I'd like to know about it.


Chris Butterworth