Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What do I read? Check out my blogroll.

We've expanded our blogroll in an attempt to share with our readers some of the other blogs we look forward to reading each day. Most blog authors do this on day one – it's almost a required part of setting up a new blog. But we've always done things a little differently... I wanted to make sure this blogging thing was something we really liked, and that we would continue to write (and to read) for the long haul. Now that we've been doing it for eight months, and have written over 200 posts, I feel like we have a pretty good idea of what it's all about. Our experience so far has been great – we've had a lot of terrific feedback from readers and colleagues, and we've enjoyed using this communication tool as an effective way to share news, trends, opinions, and other interesting ideas.

Here are some of the other blogs out there, in alphabetical order, that I look forward to reading each day. (We'll continue to add to the list over time, but these represent a great starting point.)  You can find these links in the right hand margin.

Bloodhound Blog – A broker in the Historic District in Phoenix, Greg Swan has put together a premier collection of writers from around the country, who write on all things real estate related. Even more than that, though, is their passion for technology and "below-the-fold" news – Greg has a penchant for sharing what new laws and web-gadgets are coming down the pike long before the newspapers.

Freshome – A light-hearted design blog. Everyday there are a few new products featured here, from inexpensive knick-knacks to very expensive furniture, and everything in between. This is one of those addictive sites – you'll find things you never knew you needed, as well as great house-warming gift ideas!

Mark Cutler Design – An interior designer in Los Angeles, Mark shares a lot of great ideas, success stories, must-read books, and terrific pictures, all with an eye towards teaching us common folk how to look through a designer's eyes. I can honestly say that I've gotten a lot better at advising my sellers from things I've learned on Mark's blog.

The Phoenix Real Estate Guy – Jay Thompson has become one of the most-quoted real estate bloggers in the country, and he lives here in the Ahwatukee Foothills  Gilbert (corrected). This blog is geared more towards other realtors than to consumers directly, but it's one of the best ways to get an immediate feel of the real estate community at large. I tend to find myself agreeing with most of Jay's opinions, and he scoops his fair share of news as well.

St Paul Real Estate Blog – Teresa Boardman is a realtor in St Paul, Minnesota, whose writing has been praised on many national sites. There's something about the way she writes – great humor mixed with soft stories mixed with hard data – that I really enjoy reading. She makes me want to become a better writer, a better realtor, and to stop and smell the roses along the way.

West of Tulsa – A realtor and builder in Oklahoma (and a good friend of mine), Chris Autrey is one of those guys who does things the right way. He's innovative and forward-thinking, and has helped to keep me pointed in the right direction more than once.

Keep checking our blogroll on the right hand side for new additions, and please feel free to send me some of your "must read" sites!

- Chris Butterworth