Friday, July 13, 2007

The Butterworth Group raises the bar on Marketing

Awhile back I wrote about 6 Steps to a Successful Listing, and the number one step I highlighted was Top Quality Marketing. There's a lot of competition for buyers' eyeballs, so your marketing needs to be better than your competitors', both in terms of quality and quantity.

First we need to grab a potential buyer's attention – if they're looking at 50 or 100 houses, how is yours going to stand out? Next, we need to present your home in the best possible light – high quality photos, video, audio... anything that makes your home look its best (Here's a good example: Are your pictures worth 1,000 words?). And finally, we want to show a potential buyer that we're not putting on false pretenses (or putting lipstick on a pig!) – we're going to show them that your home is terrific from every imaginable angle.

How are we going to do all this? Our newest piece of marketing ammunition is our oversized yard signs combined with an individual, custom web site for each of our listings! Check out the pictures and samples below:

Who benefits from all this? Everybody! Here's why:

Make an impact. Our sellers' homes stand out from their competition as buyers are driving down the street. After seeing dozens of For Sale signs in the neighborhood, all of the sudden they see a sign which looks different. Our sellers have reported people stopping their car and getting out to read every detail.

Give 'em what they're after. Anyone who does research online wants to find out what they want to find out – namely EVERYTHING they can about the house they're interested in! If someone is interested in our seller's home, we want to make it as easy as possible for them to find all the information they need to confirm this is the right home for them.

Get them emotionally invested. Once potential buyers peruse our seller's web site, they're going to start sending that link to everyone they know. "Mom, here's the house we're thinking about making an offer on." Brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues at work – they'll send this link to everyone. Now they're emotionally invested; if they don't buy our seller's home they'll have to explain it to everyone, and nobody wants to do that!

Monopolize their time. If the potential buyer is spending all their free time looking at our seller's home (and talking & emailing about it with their friends & family who have received the link), they aren't spending any time looking at our competition. Which house are they more likely to buy?

Buyers benefit, too. We made the information gathering and distribution process easy for the buyers.

It's a win-win-win all the way around! And that's the best way to do business.

- Chris Butterworth