Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If You Don't Have To Move....Don't

I've had a few friends lately talk to me about selling their homes and moving.  My advice to anybody that is considering moving right now is this..."If moving is not necessary, then wait".  As much as I'd love to have more listings, I feel it neccesary to let people know that if you are moving just because you feel it's time for a bigger house, but your current home functions perfectly well for you and your family, or your financial position has improved and you are now able to afford a larger home, or moving closer to work, or family is important to you, now might not be the best time.  My advice is to wait for a while until the inventory levels in our market come back down out of the atmosphere and are at a more balanced level.  I'm trying to paint as clear of a picture as possible so that they fully understand what kind of a market we are experiencing right now.

If it turns out that moving is necessary then we will put together a marketing plan that will get their home the most exposure possible in an effor to sell the home for the most money in the shortest period of time.  As with any of my clients, it's my job to educate them as much as possible and then let them make the decision that's right for them.  As I've said before, "You're driving the car, I'm going to navigate."

-Steve Nicks

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