Friday, July 6, 2007

A Possible Alternative to I-17 From Anthem To Carefree Highway

As I've written about before (Options to the I-17 Parking Lot), I-17 between the Loop 101 and Anthem (sometimes even further) is better described as a parking lot.  In my opinion it is one of the worst freeways in the valley in handling the amount of traffic that utilizes it.  I firmly believe that the part of Anthem's real estate market woes are due to it's access (or lack there of).  If I-17 was an easier and quicker route into town, I don't think people would have such a big problem with the commute.

Not only are they about to begin the widening project on I-17, which should take several years to fully complete all the way to Anthem, but they now are making a serious push to complete an alternate route out of Anthem that would connect up with the Carefree Highway.  According the article (click here to read), this is something that had been promised to the residents of Anthem several years ago.  The road would be an extension of Gavilan Peak Parkway out of Anthem and would paralell I-17 to the east and connect with the Carefree Highway at North Valley Parkway, just east of the I-17 interchange.

Hopefully this will eleviate much of the congestion on I-17 between Anthem and the Carefree Highway allowing Anthem residents and visitors much better access.  If nothing else it will provide a emergency/overflow route out of Anthem.  As it stands right now, if there is a major incident on the I-17 that closes the road, Anthem residents have very few viable options for getting out.

- Steve Nicks

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