Saturday, June 9, 2007

Silverton II HOA Reminders – be a good neighbor!

I read the quarterly newsletter the Silverton II HOA puts out, the Silverton II Gazette, and mixed in among the obligatory meeting reminders and contact information was some good information that I'd like to share – these are things we should all be thinking about, regardless of whether you live in Silverton II or any other subdivision with lots of neighbors...

Be a Good Neighbor

  • Keep the music down. if you are playing your music outside so loud that the guy two houses over is dancing to it, it is probably too loud.
  • Barking dogs. Try to keep your dogs from barking all the time. Dogs bark for many reasons and some of them are good, especially to warn owners about strangers. It is not easy to stop dogs from barking but as dog owners we should try and keep it down. On the other hand, before you consider calling the police about a barking dog, please talk to the owner. Hopefully you can work something out and you will both be happier and so will the dog!
  • Parking RVs on the street too long. Please remember that a large vehicle on the street does block the road and cause poor visibility. Please move them as soon as you can to avoid an accident.
  • Slow Down! Everyone is so busy these days, so many things to do and not enough time in the day. We have a lot of children in this neighborhood and if one of them would be hit by a car, believe me it would be more than tragic, especially because it could be so easily prevented. We all need to be careful, slow down and watch out for the children in this neighborhood. Children have the right to use the roads to play together. Remind your teenagers that small children can dart out without thinking, even if the parents are right there.

Water Task Force

The Silverton II water task force has saved over $5,000 this year by watching how much water is used and stopping leaks as quickly as possible. If you spot a water leak, contact your HOA as soon as possible to have it fixed!

Petition to change CC&Rs concerning basketball hoops

There is an active petition to change the rules so that portable basketball hoops can be in place for a longer period of time. If you have a strong opinion on this topic one way or the other, please contact Melissa Stopkey at 623-476-8286 or email her at

Please let me know if you have anything to add to this information, or about your own subdivision. More information = more informed community = better place to live!

Thanks to Melissa, Raquel, and Mike at the Silverton II HOA for putting this information together!

- Chris Butterworth

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