Thursday, June 21, 2007

Phoenix and Seattle comparisons

Earlier this month I took a trip to Seattle with my daughters to visit a friend there, and to escape the Phoenix heat (if even for just a little bit this summer!).  It was our first visit to Washington and boy were we amazed at the differences between the Northwest and the Southwest.

First, everywhere you drive you see green!  It made me realize what an easy color green is on your eyes (I've been told that the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color) and how in the summer, the reflective quality of the desert brown can really wreak havoc on your eyes.  I think I have more wrinkles from squinting in the Arizona sun than from aging!

With all the green trees everywhere, I also noticed that the lush vegetation does a fantastic job of hiding house and building flaws.  A building or house may not be taken care of and falling apart, but they don't look as delapitated as our buildings do here, since we have nothing growing around them to hide the deterioration.  It's amazing how some vegetation can cover the building flaws!

Because of the extensive amount of rain and cooler weather, the neighborhoods in Seattle all have yards and gardens, whether the owner does anything to grow them or not.  I've noticed many houses here in the desert that just have the original dirt for the front yard, which does nothing for the house value except drag it down!  One advantage of wetter weather is that all the yards at least have grass or bushes of flowers growing in them without any effort from the owner - wouldn't that be nice!

Now I know it sounds like I'm ripping on Phoenix in this article, but don't get me wrong!  I love the desert and the open sky and that you can always plan a picnic without worrying about rain.  But I have to admit that visiting someplace wet and green during the scorching summer months was a great relief this June!