Thursday, June 7, 2007

Peoria Police to offer free window etching at Lake Pleasant Pavilion

Saturday, June 16th, from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm, the Peoria Police Department will host a vehicle identification number (VIN) etching event at the Super Target store on the southwest corner of Lake Pleasant and Happy Valley. VIN etching marks each piece of window glass and becomes a permanent fingerprint of the vehicle. Thieves know they cannot resell these vehicles without replacing the glass - and they don't want to do that. VIN etching is an effective visual deterrent to auto theft and takes only 5-7 minutes. The first 50 people to have their vehicles etched at the June 16 event will receive a free steering wheel lock to provide yet another layer of protection. Each vehicle owner must show proof of registration and will be required to complete a consent form. For more information, call 623-773-7099.

Sounds like an easy way to make your car a little less desirable to those undesirables! And if you've been answering my monthly trivia questions, you might even have a Target gift card burning a hole in your pocket!

- Chris Butterworth

(information provided courtesy of the City of Peoria)

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