Friday, June 15, 2007

Jury Duty!!

My post today has nothing to do with real estate, but I had a couple of interesting points I wanted to share with you all. 

The first interesting thing that happened to me yesterday was that instead of having all of the prospective jury members come all the way down to the courthouse and sit there all day long while they decided whether they actually needed us or not, they had us call a couple of different times throughout the morning so they could let us know if, in fact, they needed us to show up and at what time.  I thought it was a great improvement from the other way of making us waste an entire day sitting in a jury assembly room.  I was able to get some work done in the office while serving my civic duty.

The second wierd thing that happened to me yesterday was that while sitting in the courtroom waiting for the judge and attorneys to decide which jury members they preferred, I actually found myself wanting to be picked.....for jury duty!!!  I know, I'm not supposed to want to be part of a jury.  I kept having to tell myself that I had too many things to do to spend two more days sitting on a jury.  But as I was thinking about it, I think there were two things in play here.  The first, it was kind of like I was back in elementary school again waiting to get picked for the dodge-ball team.  It was rare that I was picked last because I was pretty small and quick as a kid, but I wasn't one of the big strong kids that always got picked first.  And secondly, I've been lucky enough to have never sat on a jury panel before and I'm slightly curious to experience it.  I always watch the movies and wonder what it would be like to have to determine someone's fate.  It's a big responsibility and I wonder how well I would handle it.  I also wonder what the dynamic is in the jury deliberation room.  Are some of the folks ready to convict while others are much more hesitant?  I've written about this before as it pertains to our continuing education classes (The Real Estate Secret Service & Real Estate Seminar Musings) there always that one person who asks the most ridiculous questions and gets on everybody's nerves?  And how do people deal with each other when you're stuck with these people in a jury deliberation room until a unanimous decision is reached?  All these questions......I guess they will have to wait until the next time. 

I think there's something wrong with me.  I shouldn't want to be on a jury.  Oh well, I'm sure I'll change my mind the first time I do get chosen!

-Steve Nicks