Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Another Bad Property Photo

While I was researching several properties for a client who is in the very beginning process of buying a home I came across another lovely photo in the MLS that leaves quite a bit to be desired.  Now I know what the listing agent was trying to capture, as he at least had a description of the picture and what he thought he was illustrating.  But is that really the best he could do?  I'm estimating that approximately 80% of this photo is of the wall.  Leaving the remaing 20% to captivate the potential buyer showing what appears to be a rather roomy master bathroom with dual sinks.  I guess it's quite possible that the rest of the bathroom was in horrible condition and not worthy of being a part of the picture, but I doubt it.

This is just another one of those things that in and of itself isn't going to cause the house not to sell, but why take that chance, especially in this market.  In the MLS you've only got 6 pictures to illustrate how great your client's home is, and to only give a partial effort when marketing the property is doing your client a disservice.