Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Water Play in the East Valley

Now that summer is here and school is just about out, are you wondering what in the heck your kids are going to do all summer long?  Water always keeps them entertained and wears them out.  My favorite place is the Kiwanis Wave Pool in Tempe - it's heated, it's indoors (so you don't bake in the sun and heat while watching your kids play), it's not expensive and it's tons of fun!  I know that I burn easily and also get headaches from sitting in the sun, so an indoor pool is about the only way I'll agree to take my kids swimming in the summer.

If you haven't been yet, the Kiwanis Wave Pool features 3' waves every few minutes, plus two waterslides and tubes and rafts for rent.  The shallow end is perfect for little ones who want to get their feet wet but aren't good enough swimmers to head out into the waves.  They also have concessions to keep your tummy from rumbling while you're there. 

The pool is located at 6111 S All-America Way, which is south of Baseline and West of Mill Ave in Tempe.  Summer hours start May 28th and run from 1230-430pm each day.  Adults are $6 while kids 3-17 are $3.  However, it's 1/2 price between 230-430! 

 See you there!�